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Gratitude Tuesday – 2/28/17

Being grateful is easy when things in life are going just the way you want. The grass looks a bit greener and the air feels more crisp. But today isn’t one one of those days for me. I’ve been struggling for the last 18 hours (yes, I’m counting). I missed a work deadline due to unforeseen… Continue reading Gratitude Tuesday – 2/28/17

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I’m My Own Valentine – The Importance of Self-Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and for some people it’s a day of celebrating love & showing your partner how much you love them. And for other’s it’s a harsh reality check for either being single or maybe even being in a really bad relationship. Whatever the situation, in my opinion, I think Valentine’s day is… Continue reading I’m My Own Valentine – The Importance of Self-Love

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Changing My Identity From Single Mom to Just a Mom

For the last 7 years, I’ve always defined myself as a single mom. Nothing has really changed – I’m still not married although I am in a serious relationship. But over the last few weeks between my 34th birthday and the start of a new year, I’ve been thinking about my life and trying to figure… Continue reading Changing My Identity From Single Mom to Just a Mom

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My Birthday Wish for my Son

My dear son, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and you’re now 8!  I remember the day I found out i was pregnant and I was terrified of what the future would bring.  I was overwhelmed and utterly exhausted when I finally pushed you out after 8 hours of pain and agony during… Continue reading My Birthday Wish for my Son

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Being A Supermom Is Overrated

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.” ~N.K. Jemisin As a single mom with a solid career, two semesters into a MBA program, and… Continue reading Being A Supermom Is Overrated