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Being A Supermom Is Overrated

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.” ~N.K. Jemisin


As a single mom with a solid career, two semesters into a MBA program, and a highly intelligent kid that requires your full attention, I’m here to tell you that being a supermom is overrated. Sure, there are days you CAN do it all but at what price? There comes a point where something has to give, and it does.

I have spent the last 7 years trying to do it all. The daily pick up/drop off, a 9 hour day of work, soccer practice, only to come home, make dinner, do homework, shower, and then the bedtime routine. My bedtime is usally about 30 minutes after my little guys because I’m just beat. I often wonder, what if I did a little bit less. Would he notice? What I be sacrificing my career? What would I be compromising? What would people say? Would I be shortchanging my kid?

The guilt of asking for a divorce and then taking on the responsiblity of raising a child and wanting to give him EVERYTHING underlies every single decision I’ve ever made. Even going back to school was to show him that his mommy can do anything, as long you try, you can accomplish your dreams. And sure, that’s a great life lesson, go me, BUT I would be lieing if I said I never regretted going back to school. And then I get some rest and get on with the next day.

Looking back at my own childhood, what I remember and appreciate the most are the times that I would be hanging out with my parents just watching Indian movies and doing nothing. Fast forward, the one thing that I know makes my son the happiest is when I lay down with him in bed and read a quick prayer thanking God for our blessings.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. A perfect employee. Perfect wife/girlfriend/friend. A perfect mom. I know I’m a great mom but maybe I don’t need to have it always figured out. Maybe eggs for dinner sometimes is ok if that means I can take a 15 minute break to myself and not stress out about what’s for dinner. I think that maybe less is actually more. We have to start being nicer to ourselves and give ourselves a break because hell noone else will.

Being a supermom is super exhausting. Which means you’re stressed out and it’s probably coming out in other areas of your life or maybe even your kids. I know my son gets upset when he sees me upset. So maybe as parents we do a little less and by doing so, we’re actually give our kids more of us. I’m not a parenting expert but I’m going to give this a try. How do you manage parenting stress? Are there any things you’ve learned along the way that have helped you keep sane?




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