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Working Through Anxiety – My New Plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

I’m starting to feel a little better from my anxiety last week which really had been kicking my ass. I’ve come to the realization that I had been extending myself without really taking care of myself. I often find myself doing that. Constantly putting everyone else and their needs first before my own and only in the end to reap what I had sewn. That airline example, in case of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else is a great example because too often we put ourselves in jeapordy by not taking care of ourselves. So now that I’m feeling a little better, I’ve come up with a plan on how to stay sane and content. And hopefully through this, I will find that spark in me that seems to have fizzled out.

Step 1: Improve my physical health

  • cut out all garbage from my diet except for the occassional cookie. I’ve been eating all kinds of nonsense and I’ve noticed that when I eat gross, I feel gross. So starting tomm, more greens, more protein, and less crap.Less sugar and carbs are key for me.
  • figure out a workout routine that works for my crazy mom, work, mba life schedule and start out slowly. I used to do Insanity workouts 4 years ago and now I can barely do one squat. My promise to me is to start twice a week for 15 minutes each. I owe it to my kid. I owe it to myself. I intellectually know this is important because the endorphins that the workout will release will help me feel happier.
  • get solid sleep. not too much. not too little. I know I need 8 hours. Anything beyond that will start to creep into depression for me.


Step 2: Maintain My Positive Mental & Emotional Health

  • I’ve read so many articles on the effects of worrying and stress and none of them are good. I worry too much and I know this is wasted energy. I have to have faith. So I’m going to re-start my daily gratitude list and write out the top 3 things I’m grateful for every day.
  • Continue reading articles on happiness, managing stress, and accepting that nobody’s  life is perfect.
  • Start to say no and put my mental health first. By making everyone else happy all the time, I’ve had to sacrifice my needs along the way. That stops TODAY.
  • Ignore what my family has to say about my relationship and trust that this man will fulfill his promises to me
  • Build myself up so that I don’t need a man to feel complete. I’ve always had a guy  in my life since I was a teenager. Yes, I have daddy issues. This means to start writing again, hanging out with my girlfriends, continue reading, and finally learn how to play the piano. My son is already taking piano lessons, maybe I can take them as well. The point is, too often we lose ourselves in others untl we lose ourselves completely.

Step 3: Renew my Faith

  • I’ve spent more time worrying in what can go wrong and less time having faith that God is with me.  I struggle with organized religion but have always had faith in a Higher Being. It’s time to renew that faith.
  • Watch The Secret once a week until I start to believe again in the power of positive energy.
  • Give back to the Community and those less fortunate. It’s really important that my son grows up knowing how blessed we are and how quickly it can just go away. It’s so important to give back.

Ok, so that’s my plan. What do you guys think? Am I missing anything obvious?



2 thoughts on “Working Through Anxiety – My New Plan

  1. Wow, you’ve done a great job thinking through that bout of “stinkin thinkin”. I think you’ve gotten a well rounded handle on how to keep those feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent at bay! The only thing I might add is trying to get outdoors at least once a week to see some natural beauty. Like a park, a waterfall, or a pretty grove of trees. Someplace that feels a bit natural and tranquil usually helps ground us and add to our sense of well being. Good for you for not letting those feelings fester and turn into damage to your relationship with your man. Us women have mood swings, but most of us don’t have to get hard to be with. You’re doing very well. Keep up the good attitudes and discipline. I’ll follow suit, because I also find the less well I eat and sleep, the worse I feel about myself and life. Love to you at this holiday season…. ❤


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