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Let’s Do This Thing Called Life!

Hi ya’ll! Not sure why I said that, I’m not even from the “South”.  Just a Jersey girl (no, not Jersey shore trash) that likes the word ya’ll. I had been blogging for awhile and then stopped because life happened and now I’m back. Through this blog, I’d like to share my thoughts on life, love, and lust. Let’s talk about life today.

I start my morning ritual like most people. Well, that’s what I say to myself to make myself feel better. Alarm rings. I cry. I  snooze the alarm, at least twice.Pick up my phone and open up my email. Spam. Delete. Delete. Open up Instagram and go through my feed. Like. Like. Ugh how is she so skinny. Eye roll. Scroll. Like. Like. Screenshot for motivation. Repost. Done. I would’ve then gone to FB but I deactivated that shit while I was in the midst of my depression – more to come on this later.

So today as I was doing my morning thing, I came across the following pic and it was like God’s light was shining right on top of my head while a choir was singing Hallelujah TO me.



I couldn’t help but yell, “OMG, this is SO TRUE!” I then reposted the photo with the following captions: #positivemindset #happyinspiration #regram
Here’s the deal. I had an incredibly shitty day yesterday. From the moment I woke up to the time I finally put my son down to bed, everything seemed to be going wrong. Let’s start…

  • laptop wouldn’t work because it needs a new video card (for the second time now!)
  • payroll screwed up my direct deposit. (pay me bitches!)
  • a return I had mailed in was incorrectly processed (don’t be trying to hustle me)
  • went to visit my girlfriend’s classroom but since the State was in the school – it was a no go (eye roll)
  • called my OB/GYN five times just to schedule an appointment (not exaggerating either. do you not want to make money? seriously!)
  • windshield wipers broke (I wonder if that Pep Boys rebate came through)
  • son accidentally broke the iPad charger (this is coming out of his allowance)
  • son was also possessed by the devil and refused to listen to anything I had to say (you’re lucky i love you kid)

I was the happiest woman probably alive when my kid went to bed and I put on Lucifer (thank you OnDemand) and started playing Candy Crush just to calm my ass down. And boy did it work! So this is where it gets deep guys. Even though I was having a really shitty day yesterday, I had made it my mission by the time the payroll situation happened that I would not let the day get the best of me. Fuck that shit.

I wrote on my gratitude board. I had lunch and happy hour drinks with my best friend. I made it a point to go to Family Court to figure out how to update my child support payments. And I called the cleaning service because I just don’t have the physical energy to clean my own home right now.

The day tried to defeat me but I kicked it’s ass. I went to bed feeling victorious because I knew that despite how many obstacles were placed in my way, I overcame as many as I could, to the best of my ability. I did the best that I could. And you know what – that’s all that anyone can do. We put too much pressure on ourselves and constantly compare ourselves to other people. I just can’t do it anymore. I challenge you to stop too.

Happiness is something we all want. People spend a shit load of money to find happiness. I would pay a hefty amount myself if it came bottled up with a pretty bow. I wonder if that could be a potential business idea..hmmm. I digress. The point of all this is that you have to make a conscious effort to be happy. You have to be determined to find happiness in the day, throughout the day, no matter how many lemons are thrown at you. You have to be happy on purpose. Try it! #truestory



P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post. More craziness to come so follow me! ❤




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